Offering dependable specialised Passenger Transport and Ground Handling services where safety standards lead.

Over the past 30 years Craig has managed and guided countless groups and explored numerous African countries from the equator to the very tip of the continent.

Through Craig’s extensive knowledge of African travel, combined with a solid network of contacts, a passion for Africa’s natural beauty and its people, Safari Bus has built a reputation as a niche, proudly South African, Passenger Transport & Tourism Company. We pride ourselves as a passionate, dependable, good humoured, outgoing team who know their stuff!

The Safari Bus Team do what we love most from our bases in South Africa. Our highly competent drivers and multilingual, SA registered freelance guides are based across the sub-region. Our vehicles operate from all major metros and are positioned for easy airport access. During peak season our fleet is often located remotely to handle a specific tour series.

Craig Redelinghuys

Owner and Director of Safari Brothers

No matter when, where or how travellers like to travel, we support our partner Tour Operators and stakeholders by delivering on the pledges they’ve made to customers. We personalise tours, manage early arrivals or extended stays, transfer travellers from the airport to their hotel and get them exploring the best Africa has to offer as soon as possible. We value the business partnerships we’ve built over the years and enjoy working with like-minded companies. Our primary long standing Tour Operating partners are from South Africa, Botswana, the United States, Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and Scandinavia. Our individual and family travellers are spread across the globe.

Whether a large group or private individuals on a holiday, conference or participating in a sports event, you’ll be welcomed with a warm ‘Sawubona’. As you explore our rainbow nation or travel with us to your destination, we’ll make sure that you travel safely and in comfort.

sustainable travel

The difference we make

We feel it’s our responsibility to be sustainable eco-travellers. The Safari Bus team are always looking for new ways to make a positive difference to our environment and to act consciously in the space we operate.

When travelling with Safari Brothers, you can feel good about the fact that we work with local businesses and people as it’s important for us to make sure our immediate communities’ benefit from tourism.

  • All plastic water bottles offered in our buses and vehicles are recycled and our operational bases recycle engine oil, metal and glass.
  • We encourage travellers to buy a double-skinned insulated water flask to fill up at the start of each day from large water fountains.
  • We regularly take part in beach and river clean-ups in our local communities.
  • Making eco bricks with single use plastic items is part of our everyday culture. These are then dropped-off at recycling depots and used to help community projects build new amenities in vulnerable areas.
  • One of the little things we do to reduce carbon emissions is not keeping our busses and cars’ air-conditioning running while waiting for passengers. The air-conditioning is turned on once 50% of all travellers are on the bus or as the passenger gets into the car.
  • The companies we choose to partner with try to ensure local communities benefit from the opportunities their trips provide as well as encouraging travellers to find ways to lessen their carbon footprint as they travel.
  • Many of our earliest employees remain part of the Safari Bus team. We develop and grow the members of the team to ensure their success is our joint success.